Nearly Half of Hunters Point Shipyard Radiation Cleanup in Question; Contractor Possibly Faked Data

NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit article by Liz Wagner
Article Link
‘Navy review finds “inconsistencies” in cleanup contractor’s radiation data and says a good portion of it is likely fraudulent.

The Navy has decided to retest all of the Hunters Point Shipyard for radiation after losing confidence in Tetra Tech, the contractor it hired to clean up contamination.

A yearlong review of Tetra Tech’s radiation data by Navy consultants found that nearly half of it may have been faked. The consultants found inconsistencies in Tetra Tech’s test results and the Navy said that a good portion of it is likely fraudulent.

The revelations are the latest setback for the shipyard, the superfund site along San Francisco’s southeastern waterfront that’s slated for major redevelopment, including homes, parks and shops.”


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