Google HQ Mountain View California

A map made in 2014 by Arcadis that depicts the well locations on the site
Mountainview Voice Article on the TCE Vapor Intrusion with Map that covers the Google Site.

EPA information on the site

Revision No. 1 to Proposed Groundwater Self-Monitoring Plan (SMP) for the
2018 Annual Monitoring Event for the Spectra-Physics Teledyne Semiconductor
Superfund Site (the Site) comprised of the Former Teledyne Semiconductor and
Former Spectra-Physics Lasers, Inc., Sites Located in Mountain View, California
Groundwater Contamination Map Toxic Plumes Map Source: The Chemical Legacy of Old Silicon Valley, NBC Bay Area, Map Editor Scott Pham 2019

The Teledyne property is part of a two-property Superfund site along with the adjacent Spectra-Physics property.

The responsible parties (RPs) for the Teledyne/Spectra-Physics site completed a Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) study in the off-property area north of and downgradient of the site. The MNA study concluded that natural breakdown of the chlorinated volatile organic compounds of concern is occuring naturally and at the same rate as groundwater extraction. As a result, only a few of the off-property downgradient extraction wells were operating mainly to maintain hydraulic control of the plume. The RPs completed a pilot study to test the feasibility of enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) and concluded that ERD is feasible with bioaugmentation of the Shallow Zone.

Within the last five years, the RPs detected elevated source areas at the Teledyne property using high resolution technology and continuously logged and screened ERD injection well boreholes. Implementing a full-scale ERD treatability study, they have been and are currently remediating the property with groundwater-CVOC levels dropping from as much as over 80,000 ug/l to low multiples of MCLs. Several rounds of ERD injections successfully cleaned up most of the Shallow Zone at the Teledyne property and the adjacent Spring Street residential area to drinking water standards and the treatability study was even more successful in the underlying Upper and Lower Intermediate Zones.

An on-property IA VI evaluation at a SpectraPhysics property in 2004 indicated no IA-CVOC contamination above the Regional Water Board’s 2008 ESLs. More recently, the RPs also assertively evaluated potential IA VI in the off-property commercial North Bayshore and residential Spring Street areas to conclude that IA VI is not occurring in most of the commercial area and is occasionally occurring in several homes in the residential area. The RPs installed sub-slab depressurization systems in the impacted on-property commercial buildings and offered the affected residents crawl space fans to address the issue.

Google Map Reference

Geotracker document explaining the toxic groundwater plume encompassing the Googleplex with maps describing all of the toxic waste sites in the Teledyne/Spectra-Physics site (SL721281224)

Nine indicator chemicals were identified from approximately 30
chemicals detected in the Study Area. The nine indicator chemicals are as follows:
1,1-dichloroethane (1,1-DCA)
1.1-dichloroethylene (1,1-DCE)
1.2-dichloroethylene (1,2-DCE)
tetrachloroethylene (PCE)
1,2,4-trichlorobenzene (1,2,4-TCB)
1,1,1-trichloroethane (1,1,1-TCA)
trichloroethylene (TCE)
vinyl chloride (VC


Geotracker Deed Restrictions for Teledyne/Spectra-Physics site Superfund Site

3.1 Restrictions on Development and Use. Covenantor promises to restrict the use of the
Burdened Property as follows:
a. Development of the Burdened Property shall be restricted to industrial, commercial or office space;
b. No residence for human habitation shall be permitted on the Burdened Property;
c. No hospitals shall be permitted on the Burdened Property;
d. No schools for persons under 21 years of age shall be permitted on the Burdened Property;
e. No day care centers for children or day care centers for Senior Citizens shall be permitted on the Burdened Property;
f. No Owners or Occupants of the Property or any portion thereof shall conduct any
excavation work on the Property, unless in compliance with the attached Soil Management Plan 3 which shall be approved by the Board. Any contaminated soils brought to the surface by grading, excavation, trenching, or backfilling shall be managed by Covenantor or his agent in accordance with all applicable provisions of local, state and federal law;
g. All uses and development of the Burdened Property shall be consistent with any applicable Board Order, which is hereby incorporated by reference. All uses and development shall preserve the integrity of any remedial measures taken or remedial equipment installed, and any groundwater monitoring system installed on the Burdened Property pursuant to the requirements of the Board, unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by the Board.
h. No Owners or Occupants of the Property or any portion thereof shall drill, bore, otherwise construct, or use a well for the purpose of extracting water for any use, including but not limited to, domestic, potable, or industrial uses, unless the groundwater has been sufficiently treated to the current cleanup goals or is expressly permitted in writing by the Board. Nothing in this provision prohibits the operation of a system designed to remediate groundwater, including but not limited to a pump and treat system.
i. The Owner shall notify the Board of each of the following: (1) The type, cause, location and date of any disturbance to any remedial measures taken or remedial equipment installed, and of the groundwater monitoring system installed on the Burdened Property pursuant to the requirements of the Board, which could affect the ability of such remedial measures, remedial equipment, or monitoring system to perform their respective functions and (2) the type and date of repair of such disturbance. Notification to the Board shall be made by registered mail within
ten (10) working days of both the discovery of such disturbance and the completion of repairs.
j. The Covenantor agrees that the Board, and/or any persons acting pursuant to Board
orders, shall have reasonable access to the Burdened Property for the purposes of inspection, surveillance, maintenance, or monitoring, as provided for in Division 7 of the Water Code.
k. No Owner or Occupant of the Burdened Property shall act in any manner that will
aggravate or contribute to the existing environmental conditions of the Burdened Property.


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