Gavin Newsom cashed in on homeless in San Francisco by taxing them 85% to force them into living on the EPA Superfund site for nuclear radiation

The Tax rate in San Francisco on the homeless is 81.5% for the sighted and 85% for the blind. This is why it is a sanctuary city, the money goes to housing for the homeless and they put many of the homeless on the EPA superfund site Treasure Island which was the Navy’s school for (ABC) Atomic Biological and Chemical Warfare which was later changed to NBC for Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare. They taught sailors to clean up after these types of attacks. They had another school at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds on the East Coast near Baltimore.

According to : “In 2002, Newsom sponsored San Francisco Proposition N, also known as the “Care Not Cash” initiative, which passed into law with 60 percent voter approval. The initiative reduced cash payments to the city’s homeless from between $320 and $395 a month to $59 a month, replacing the difference with the value of services such as housing, other forms of shelter, and meals.[8][9]

Newsom argued that the cash-only system of assistance led to drug- and alcohol-related deaths and that shifting from the cash-only system would free up money to provide more services to the homeless. Arguments against the initiative included that it would take money away from those who spent it on housing, substance abuse treatment, and other necessities without adequately replacing those services.[9]”

Funny how the money never went to more housing. The homeless in San Francisco are taxed by the city on their welfare checks.

[8]San Francisco Chronicle, “Gavin Newsom draws line on SF street behavior: City now ‘too permissive,'” October 7, 2018

[9]San Francisco Ballot Propositions Database, “Proposition N: Adjusting Services and Payments to Homeless Individuals,” accessed May 30, 2019


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