Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste sites

The Navy dumped over 47,000 barrels of nuclear waste off the coast of San Francisco near the Farallon Islands. This is a map of their locations. Unfortunately they were supposed to bury it in deep water but it can be found in water 300 meters deep .

John L. Chin and Allan Ota,”Disposal of Dredged Material and Other Waste on the Continental Shelf and Slope” U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia: 2001 Circular 1198 (full-length technical version) p 201

The USS Independence which according to Navy Records was sunk at the approximate location of this map was actually found farther south in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. USS Independence Irradiated in Nuclear Tests found in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
E/V Nautilus explores the Flight Deck of the USS Independence

Most of that 47000 barrels of nuclear waste were stored on the ship when they sunk the Air Craft Carrier. So the amounts sunk in the Farallon Islands must be adjusted.

The barrels had been stored in most of the buildings of Hunters Point Shipyard before the burial making every single building in the EPA superfund site radioactive and yet San Francisco is allowing developers to build on the site. It doesn’t make any sense.

One of the warehouses used to store nuclear waste was used by the San Francisco Police Department as an evidence facility for drug offenses. One must wonder how many drug enforcement cases could have been compromised from the evidence’s exposure to radiation?

Acid burial can include the acids used to clean the pumps, piping and evaporators of ships used in nuclear testing and may contain radioactive materials.

This information about the radiation was declassified decades ago.


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