Emeryville CA – Bike Path is a toxic waste site – CYPRESS FREEWAY/BIKEWAY PROJECT (01410119)

Site History

The Site is the proposed location of a bikeway connecting Maritime Street in Oakland and Shellmound Street in Emeryville. The proposed area was historically used for industrial, commercial or vehicle transportation corridors.

Cypress Freeway/Bikeway Project, Land Use Covenant and Agreement, 03/03/2016 Official Records of Alameda County, p 16

Envirostor (State of California)

Google Map

Deed Restriction / Land Use Covenant:


(a) A residence, including any mobile home or factory built housing,
constructed or installed for use as residential human habitation.
(b) A hospital for humans.
(c) A public or private School for persons under 18 years old.
(d) A day care center for children


Hazardous substances, including arsenic at 0.39 ppm, mercury at 2.1 ppm, lead at 190 ppm, and
total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHd) at 1,100 ppm remain at the Property above levels
acceptable for unrestricted land use.

Note this was cleaned up to this standard which is fine for industrial use.

Envirostor disclaimer


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