Treasure Island Atomic, Biological, and Chemical Warfare for Medical Officers

Medical News Letter, Vol. 33, No. 12 op. 20
Training in ABC Warfare for Medical Officers -A Four Weeks’ Course

Course #5 convening 4 January 1960
Location: U.S. Naval Schools Command, Naval Station, Treasure Island, San Francisco, Calif.
Student Clearance Required: SECRET
Reporting Time and Place: Prior to 2200, 3 January 1960, Personnel Office, U.S. Naval Schools Command, Bldg. 28

Course Objectives

The course is designed for experienced active duty Naval Medical officers possessing SECRET security clearance. It will stress the medical aspects of modern warfare and of military peace time operations, including problems incident to atomic, biological, and chemical weapons systems, nuclear propulsion, mass casualties, and isotope programs. Military aspects of the weapons systems and military countermeasures will also be considered so that Medical officers may function effectively on a staff and can reasonably assess the medical compromises imposed by the military situation. Outstanding speakers, both military and civilian, will be on the program. The course will include visits to the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory and the Naval Biological Laboratory; it will also include several practical exercises and drills. Texts will be provided for permanent retention

Class quota: 50 (10 spaces reserved for Army and Air Force)
Quota Breakdown: 40 Navy; 30 Medical Corps, 5 Dental Corps, 5 Medical Service

Nominating Bureau: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery


l. Medical Officers. Requests for attendance are invited from Medical officers of the Regular Navy, excluding residents. Requests from Reserve Medical officers with a minimum of 20 months of obligated service remaining may be submitted for consideration, whose attendance would obviously assist them in the performance of their assigned duties.

  1. Dental Officers. Officers to attend will be selected by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
  2. Medical Service Corps Officers. Requests for attendance are invited from Senior Medical Service Corps officers. Preference will be given requests from officers assigned duties on Fleet and/or District Staffs, and Administrative officers of Naval Hospitals.

Interested officers meeting the above eligibility must submit a letter request via their Commanding Officers to reach the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (Attn: Code 316) prior to 31 October 1959. Appropriate TAD orders will be requested by the Bureau for all selected candidates. Travel and per diem expense will be provided from Bureau training funds. Only one course in ABC Warfare Defense will be scheduled for Fiscal Year 1960. (ProfDiv, BuMed)


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