1946 Project Crossroads Nuclear Test Film

Here is a summary of the time stamps of this video:

Project Crossroads – Nuclear Test Film (1946)
Courtesy: U.S. Department of Energy

1:50 USS independence next to the Nagato before Test Able
2:20 target ships mapped
4:14 The scientists and samples
6:00 Radio controlled drones
7:00 Manhattan project scientists at Kwajalein
9:40 dropping of the bomb
14:31 diffused cloud “dangerous radioactive particles in the air had become so diffused it was no longer a danger to the area.”
15:52 camera on bikini showing shock wave.
17:20 map of what ships got hit as they dropped the bomb off target. Independence noted
18:55 Independence seen just after explosion when the support ships entered the lagoon.
21:54 animals
24:31 Skate stating the inside were damaged, so they went inside it.
25:21 USS Independence
27:34 Baker Test, second test underwater explosion.
40:00 USS Independence

Project Crossroads – Nuclear Test Film (1946)
Courtesy: U.S. Department of Energy

Film of the logistics and preparation for the first series of tests in the Pacific of Atomic Bombs after World War II. The Manhattan district, commonly known as the Manhattan Project ran this study collecting samples and some of these samples ended up in Hunters Point Shipyard as that was the location where the Navy figured out how to clean the ships after they were irradiated. They cleaned the ships using sandblasting and acid which they dumped into San Francisco Bay as well as around the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco.

The Navy made a huge mistake, they detonated an Atomic Bomb under water and the navy had set up various types of ships to see what effect the atomic bomb would have on them. But when they detonated the Bomb under water a radioactive Steam Cloud came out of the explosion and contaminated most of the support ships, encompassing at the time about 70% of the entire Pacific Fleet.

And after the explosion, the support ships entered the radioactive Lagoon at Bikini Atoll and used their pumps to clean off the radiation of the target ships, thus irradiating the support ships on the interiors due to using the radioactive water which they pumped through their ships in order to put out fires and wash off the radiation.
Water after an atomic bomb only reduced the amount of radiation in two, it was not as effective as they thought it would be and eventually the target vessels had to be sunk as they became radioactive when the Bomb explosion hit them.

The very iron in the steel had been bombarded by neutrons from the explosion and changed the atomic number creating radioactive steel. It took a few year to figure this out. Meanwhile the ships were sent to Navy bases all along the West Coast and to Guam, Hawaii and other Pacific territories where they were sandblasted and their piping systems were flushed with Acid. Thus spreading radioactive dust all over the bases contaminating them in the process.

Most of the work was done in San Francisco where the Manhattan Project directed the San Francisco Navy Shipyard (Hunters Point Shipyard) to figure out how to clean the ships. This work resulted in the creation of the US Radiological Defense Laboratory which was tasked in cleaning the ships and figuring out the safe levels of radiation and they used military bases in the Bay Area to figure out how to clean military bases after a nuclear strike. This involved purposely contaminating the bases with radiation in order to train military personnel of all branches how to detect radiation and clean it up off of buildings, lawns and roads. In the process of fulfilling that task, they irradiated the public with radiation.

Who needs a dirty bomb when you have the Navy purposely contaminating Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard and San Francisco, San Bruno, Pittsburg, Dublin and Mare Island California and that is just the Bay Area!



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