Site History:

The San Francisco Chronicle Site consists of an 80,000 square feet newspaper printing plant with a surrounding asphalt parking area. The Site occupies a 6.25 acre property located at 1901 Cesar Chavez Street (formerly Army Street) in San Francisco. It was occupied in the 1930s by the American Smelting and Refining Company under the Federated Metals Corporation name, Federated-Fry Metals Plant. The facility was used for brass ingot and lead production; materials used included brass and bronze scrap metals, oxide of tin and lead, and pure forms of these materials. Oxides formed during the melting process were taken off in the form of slags and were either recycled or hauled offsite. The property was acquired by the San Francisco Newspaper Agency in 1987. The existing structures on site were demolished and a new printing plant and a surrounding parking area were built at the site. Continue reading “SAN FRANCISCO NEWSPAPER AGENCY (38330104)”