Cupertino – Apple Headquarters and Kaiser Pernamente on the INTERSIL (DTKM) (SL720641214) EPA Superfund Tri-Site

Groundwater Contamination Map, Toxic Plumes Map Source: The Chemical Legacy of Old Silicon Valley, NBC Bay Area, Map Editor Scott Pham 2019 The red dots represent Daycare centers 2019


Apple Computer, Kaiser Permanente Child/ado Psy and Kaiser Permanente – CDRP (Chemical dependency recovery program) are located on the EPA Superfund Tri-Site where there are toxic chemicals in the ground that emerge as toxic vapor and the deed restrictions are present to stop organizations from having hospital facilities on the site. Strange thing is Kaiser Permanente operates two facilities on the site. So I would imagine that each patient must be signing a waver when they visit the facility?

I know Apple does not have daycare at their facility they would not be stupid enough to do such a thing. I find it strange that people are willing to work on a toxic waste site. But I guess they know what they are doing. Surely Apple would inform everyone who has access to the site, including delivery drivers as they are required by the deed restrictions? Continue reading “Cupertino – Apple Headquarters and Kaiser Pernamente on the INTERSIL (DTKM) (SL720641214) EPA Superfund Tri-Site”