Menlo Park – Facebook Headquarters resides on the TE CONNECTIVITY (CAD009125527) HAZARDOUS WASTE FACILITY

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Facebook built it’s headquarters on a hazardous waste management site

Tyco, previously known as Raychem is an electronic manufacturer. Raychem had a hazardous waste facility permit and closed its hazardous waste management units. DTSC has been overseeing corrective action at Tyco under a corrective action consent agreement. The main contaminant is PCBs. Soil removal was completed to industrial levels. LUC has been entered into and filed with County. Tyco is currently conducting long term groundwater monitoring.

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Deed Restriction / Land Use Covenant:

[VIEW COVENANT]   1/19/2007  For some strange reason, the state website does not list the site management requirements but if you click on the View Covenant you can read what is required, this is a deed restriction.

1.2. Raychem Corporation, the Covenantor’s predecessor, manufactured hightechnology plastic and electrical insulation products. It also engaged in management of hazardous waste pursuant to a hazardous waste facility permit issued by the California Department of Health Services, the predecessor agency of the Department. The hazardous waste facility permit allowed Raychem Corporation to operate a wastewater treatment system, a hazardous waste storage yard and a potassium ferrocyanide tank farm. On January 9, 1997, the Department approved the closure activities of the aboveground portions of these hazardous waste management units. Raychem Corporation proceeded with corrective action under the Department’s oversight to address the release of hazardous waste in soil and groundwater. Raychem merged with the Covenantor in 1999. The Covenantor has conducted corrective action at the Property under the Department’s oversight, including removal of contaminated soil, installation of an engineered multi-media cap over an area of subsurface contamination and groundwater monitoring. Continue reading “Menlo Park – Facebook Headquarters resides on the TE CONNECTIVITY (CAD009125527) HAZARDOUS WASTE FACILITY”