Pittsburg California Radiation Experiments covering half of the City

Spreading 10,000 rads of radiation onto the ground, roofs and lawns and how they cleaned it up. Note that the exposure to the personnel is only for the theoretical amount that future people would be exposed to while in this case, they were using lawn spreaders to put down 1000 and 10,000 rads of radiation. They also thought that these people were standing on clean ground, extending the brushes onto the contaminated ground. What happened to the people depicted in these photographs?

This article supplements my article with photographs and report text. “Pittsburg California Radiation Experiments, spreading radioactive sand onto barracks, lawns and streets of the former Camp Stoneman Base to train Sailors how to clean up after an atomic strike.”


Sartor, J D, Curtis, H B, Lee, H, and Owen, W L. COST AND EFFECTIVENESS OF DECONTAMINATION PROCEDURES FOR LAND TARGETS. United States/USNRDL-TR-196; NY 320-001-9; AD-153932 27 December 1957 Continue reading “Pittsburg California Radiation Experiments covering half of the City”


Radiation expert, Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, exposes the inbred politics of the corrupt cleanup.

Radiation expert, Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, exposes the inbred politics of the corrupt cleanup.

Gavin Newsom the current Governor of California’s cousin Lawrence Pelosi was Lennar’s Vice President of Naval Base Acquisitions and Darius Anderson who was with the Treasure Island Community Development had a fundraiser where he retired 400,000 dollars of Gavin Newsom’s campaign debt according to Dr Sumchai. Lawrence Pelosi is related to Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom. TDr. Sumchai states that Tetra Tech sent truckloads of waste to Keller Landfill near Pittsburg California in Contra Costa County making the problem a statewide issue and she raised this with then Governor Jerry Brown.