Emeryville CA – SOUTH BAYFRONT PROJECT (01890019)

Envirostor Deed Restriction South Bayfront Property Shellmound Street Emeryville Alameda County
Parcel #s 049-1038-007, 049-1038-0.081 049-,1038-001-1,049-1038-001-4,
049-1038-002; 049-1038-003; 049-1516-006-2, 049-1516-007-2 and the former
Shellmound Street right-of-way) p. 25

Site History

The history of the site included industrial usage of the various parcels including Elementis Pigments at 4650 Shellmound Street, McKinley Property at 5500 Shellmound Street, and the Sepulveda Property at 5600 Shellmound Street (Shellmound Properties). Since 1929, Elementis Pigments produced iron oxide for paint pigments and other uses. Sherwin Williams owned the McKinley and Sepulveda properties until 1965 and 1955, respectively. Sherwin Williams operated a lime and sulfur plant and an insecticide and spray plant. Other usages included a sign shop, a photo shop, a machine shop, and commercial offices at the McKinley Property. A truck and trailer storage yard and equipment rentals used the Sepulveda property. The southern portion of the site includes the former Myers Drum site which historically was used for drum cleaning and recycling. Continue reading “Emeryville CA – SOUTH BAYFRONT PROJECT (01890019)”

SF- 1598 BAY STREET (60002282) Voluntary Cleanup

Site History

Envirostor Page for 1598 BAY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123

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“The 1598 Bay Site is within the larger Pacific Gas and Electric Former North Beach Manufactured Gas Plant Site (MGP) Site identified and managed as APN 0459007. As part of the PG&E Former North Beach MGP Site, PG&E in 2016 excavated and disposed of approximately 9,000 cubic yards of soil impacted with MGP-residues, primarily polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The Removal Action Completion report for PG&E North Beach MGP- APN 0459007 documents the soil removal by PG&E.

As part of redevelopment of the Site into a four-story residential building with a first floor parking garage, the property owner/developer (also under DTSC oversight), installed and conducted verification testing of a vapor mitigation system (VMS). The Site Management Plan Implementation Report for the 1598 Bay Site documents the installation and verification testing of the VMS.

Post-construction indoor air and outdoor air sampling has been conducted and has been demonstrated to be protective for future occupants. Contamination left in place is addressed with institutional controls in the form of a Land Use Covenant and Agreement between DTSC and the property owner. Long term operation and maintenance of the VMS is managed under the Verification, Operation, and Maintenance Plan and Operations and Maintenance Agreement. (Updated by JT August 14, 2019).” Continue reading “SF- 1598 BAY STREET (60002282) Voluntary Cleanup”