TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – FORMER NATIONAL SEMI CONDUCTOR (SL720841216) EPA Superfund Site Santa Clara California

Groundwater Contamination Map Toxic Plumes Map Source: The Chemical Legacy of Old Silicon Valley, NBC Bay Area, Map Editor Scott Pham 2019 The red dots indicate daycare centers. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/on-air/as-seen-on/toxic-plumes_-the-dark-side-of-silicon-valley_bay-area/87485/


EPA Superfund Site : “The National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor) previously manufactured electronic equipment at this 50-acre site. Underground storage tanks, sumps, and pipes are the suspected sources for contaminated groundwater and soil in Sunnyvale underneath the site. Beginning in 1982, National Semiconductor closed and removed its leaking tanks and equipment, instituted a groundwater pump and treat system, and removed contaminated soil from selected areas of the facility. The contaminants of concern are primarily chlorinated organic solvents, including trichloloethene (TCE), which, along with other nearby National Priority List (NPL) sites including the Monolithic Memories Superfund Site, have contaminated a common groundwater area. Although these nearby sites are listed separately on the NPL, the cleanup activities at some of the sites are being coordinated as part of an area-wide cleanup approach.”

State of California Geotracker Site: “National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC) is located at 2900 Semiconductor Drive, Santa Clara. The NSC site is bordered by Central Expressway to the north, Kifer Road to the south, Lawrence Expressway to the east, and industrial/commercial buildings to the west. The site encompasses approximately 60 acres. Continue reading “TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – FORMER NATIONAL SEMI CONDUCTOR (SL720841216) EPA Superfund Site Santa Clara California”