Benicia CA – TOURTELOT PROPERTY (48970005) Housing on unexploded shells on Gunnery range

What happens when you build a housing development and then 6 years later you find unexploded artillery shells on the property? Perhaps it might have been a clue that the property was once called the Benicia Arsenal and that during World War II it was an artillery range?

Site History

Prior to 1990, the Tourtelot Property consisted of approximately 220 acres of undeveloped grassland situated in the northwest corner of the former Benicia Arsenal. The Army leased the Tourtelot Property from 1944 to 1960 for artillery testing, ordnance and explosives (OE) demilitarization, and demolition of damaged and obsolete munitions. In 1990, Granite Management Corporation (Granite) began grading the site for home construction. In 1996, Granite found concrete-filled howitzer shells and live ordnance on the site. Granite then retained the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to characterize the site for OE and chemical impacts to soil and groundwater. Contaminants on the Tourtelot Property included: petroleum hydrocarbons; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons; dioxins/furans (combustion by-products); volatile organic compounds; trinitrotoluene; and OE. Continue reading “Benicia CA – TOURTELOT PROPERTY (48970005) Housing on unexploded shells on Gunnery range”

Emeryville CA – IKEA (FORMER BARBARY COAST) (01440005)

Site History

The Barbary Coast Steel operated a steel manufacturing plant on this site from 1987 to 1991. Judson Steel was a previous owner since 1882. The primary use of the site was storing and melting scrap iron to produce reinforcing bars. IKEA purchased the property and signed Prospective Purchasers Agreement (PPA) with DTSC for future site development. As part of future development IKEA upgraded the cap. The IKEA store opened for business in May 2000. Continue reading “Emeryville CA – IKEA (FORMER BARBARY COAST) (01440005)”