Stanford University built housing on a toxic waste site. Palo Alto California

Testing finds hazardous TCE under some College Terrace homes. by Sue Dremann/ Palo Alto Weekly Thu, Jun 30, 2016, 11:19 am
State regulatory agency previously dismissed trichloroethylene risk
Note the comments where local people talk about the sites that they live on and the horrible consequences in sites other than this one!

Discovery of toxic chemical prompts changes in Stanford’s housing project Palo Alto Online

Palo Alto reviews new plans for 1601 California Ave. after trichloroethylene is found in soil
by Gennady Sheyner / Palo Alto Weekly Uploaded: Wed, Dec 16, 2015, 2:01 pm

Stanford University website; Faculty Housing, University Terrace Frequently Asked Questions

Google Buildings Polluted With Toxic Vapors From Chemical Spills

Silicon Valley was all abuzz on Friday over news that two of Google‘s buildings on North Whisman Road in Mountain View were suffering from toxic vapors seeping up from the ground below.

Christopher Helman Forbes Staff Feb 23, 2013, 12:21am

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I live next to Google – and on top of a toxic site. Don’t let polluters be evil

By Jane Horton, the Guardian Wed 19 Mar 2014 15.45 GMT
“I live across the street from one of Google’s many Mountain View campuses in California. My beloved home – a little farmhouse I bought and moved into with my family in 1975 – now lies above the Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman Superfund Study Area (or MEW Superfund site), an area polluted by 11 Potentially Responsible Parties, well-known, multi-billion-dollar Silicon Valley companies that are possibly to blame “for generating, transporting or disposing of the hazardous waste found at the site”.”

Article explains how a farmer living across the street from Google, where they built stations to remove contaminated groundwater out of the ground and clean it by building silos that mixed the polluted water to air so the vapor could be removed from the water and spread into the neighborhoods.

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The Chemical Legacy of Old Silicon Valley showing the Toxic Plumes, areas of groundwater contamination in Silicon Valley

NBC Bay Area Video on the Toxic waste sites all over Silicon Valley. They had an interactive map but they took it down from their website.

Original article: NBC map showing the hundreds of sites on a map so you can see if you are affected by the pollution of Silicon Valley. From this map you can see that Apple and Google Headquarters are located on 2 superfund sites each where the polution is TCE Trichloroethylene where there are restrictions that require no person under the age of 21 can occupy any building built on the properties.

There is Kaiser Permanente building for Children and Adult psychiatric care built right on top of the street address of three sites and two of them are under Apple which is across the street. Note the tabs to show the daycare facilities that are on the purple areas that are mapped out to show the pollution.

The Map Article was taken down by NBC Bay Area.

TCE discovery halts Fairchild Drive housing project

by Mark Noack/ Mountain View Voice

“An approved project to build 26 homes at 277 Fairchild Drive is being delayed by officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after they discovered the site’s soil exceeded safety levels for trichloroethylene (TCE).

Representatives for the developer, Warmington Fairchild Associates LLC, say they will clean up the soil contamination over the coming months before proceeding with construction.”

” In a settlement reached with the EPA earlier this summer, Warmington officials agreed to clean up the hazardous vapors in the top layers of soil. In addition, they will inject “bioremediation” chemicals into the aquifers below, which will help break down the TCE contaminating the groundwater. “