Beatty Nevada nuclear waste sites

This post is for a friend of mine who inquired about the site.

Beatty Nevada is a nuclear waste disposal site for all types of nuclear waste.

Responds to 741120 request for Directorate of Regulatory Licensing to inspect AEC licensed waste burial sites on priority basis. Results of insps summarized.Measurements encl.

“Annual Operating Rept 1974.” Rancho SEco Nuclear Gegnerating Station Unit 1 Clay Station Calfironia – trucking reports on pages 67 and 73

Its a nuclear waste site. i could find more but this pretty much covers it. There are some contamination in the city itself from low level radiation disposal but the high level stuff would be in a more secure location on the mountain. Byproduct material is material made in a nuclear reactor, isotopes of radiation. Radium comes under low level, which is rediculous but thats how the law was written.