Asbestos Training Schools for WWII today are still schools and sites of charitable organizations in San Francisco

Support for Families with Children for Disabilities, The San Francisco Pride Office, Aids Legal Referral Project and the National Housing Law Project are at 1633 Mission St. San Francisco whic was one of many vocational schools used to train civilians to wrap pipes on ships with asbestos for the war effort. The site also taught welding and other skills necessary in ship building.

I ran into this listing for Treasure Island in the journal “Asbestos” while doing a search of a periodicals database and this led me to the “San Francisco War Production Training School” and its multiple sites listed below.

Asbestos 1944-08: Vol 26 Iss 2
Asbestos 1944-08: Vol 26 Iss 2

“San Francisco War Production Training School”

I found this pamplet describing the courses and locations. I will note if the site is still a school today and its google map location. Unforunately the courses were probably the same courses in each facility. I noted the Asbestos Training course and its description, they also taught welding and htis was very important in the shipbuilding for World wAr II. The Kaiser shipyards in Richmond were able to produce an entire liberty ship in 4 hours of time. The Japanese thought this was propaganda until they were able to confirm it. An amazing accomplishment that required training of hundreds of people at a time. I noted the 1633 mission site as it was the Shipbuilding School.
San Francisco War Production Training School” – Pamplet –

San Francisco Public Schools – War Production Training Program.

This is short pamplet describes the San Francisco School system’s World War II training programs.

San Francisco Public Schools

War Production Training Program

Free training for War Production workers is offered by the United States Government in cooperation with the San Francisco Public Schools with classes conducted in the following locations:

  • Shipbuilding School – 1663 Mission St. Google Map
  • Samuel Gompers Trades School – 22nd and Bartlett Sts. Note: Currently City College of San Francisco – Mission Center – Article on the Samuel Gompers Trade School buildingGoogle Map
  • Balboa High – Onondaga Ave. and Cayuga Ave. Note: Still a High School Google Map
  • James Denman Junior High – Onondaga Ave. and Otsego Ave. Note: Still a Junior High School Google Map
  • San Francisco Junior College – Balboa Park – is currently San Francisco City College Note: Link on the history of the siteGoogle Map
  • Abraham Lincoln High – 22nd Ave. and Santiago St. Note: Still there, still a school – Google Map
  • George Washington High – 32nd Ave. and Anza St. Note: Still a school – Google Map
  • Presidio Junior High – 30th Ave. and Geary St. Note: Name change to Presidio Middle School still in operation – Google Map
  • Roosevelt Junior High.- Arguello Blvd. near Geary St. Note: Still in operation Name change Roosevelt Middle School – Google Map
  • Marina Junior High – Fillmore and Bay Sts. Note: Still in operation, Name change to Marina Middle School – Google Map
  • Galileo High – Van Ness Ave. and Francisco St. Note: Still in opration, Name is Galileo Academy of Science and Technology – Google Map
  • Polytechnic High – Frederick St. and Arguello Blvd. Note: The good news it is new construction, no longer a school

Other Locations:

  • Treasure Island – Chemical, Biological and Radiological training site that used Mustard Gas and all land contaminated with chemical weapons are by law not capable of being transfered to civilian authorities. The sale to the City is against the law, DOD regulations and the Chemical Weapons Convention which has a deadline for compliance of December 31, 2023.
  • Aquatic Park
  • Sperry Gyroscope Co.
  • Maritime Hall
  • Ship Invader

Offices: War Production Training
93 Grove St.; Joseph E. Clisham, Director

Shipbuilding School, 1663 Mission St.

Samual Gompers Trades School
Room 214, 22nd and Bartlett Sts.

T. Paul Dutcher, Paul O’Rourke, E. A. Wolfe

Entrance Requirements

Those interested in enrolling in War Production Training Classes may obtain information at the United States Employment Service, 1690 Mission Street, or may enroll directly at the school where the instruction is given. This instruction is free and is available without discrimination to all persons, male or female, employable in War Production Work.

Capable interviewers are on duty from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. at the Samuel Gompers Trades School, 22nd and Bartlett Streets, and at the Shipbuilding School, 1663 Mission Street. Those interested in additional information as to the courses offered or the employment possibilities are welcome at these two locations.

All courses are designed for the needs of the industry concerned. Hours are arranged for the convenience of the majority of the students. New classes are started as the need demands.

These courses have the endorsement of the War Manpower Commission, Labor, Management, and the United States Employment Service.

Training is Offered in the Following Trades:

Aircraft Engine Mechanics
Aircraft Assembly Mechanics
Aircraft Sheet Metalsmith
Aircraft Mechanics (Pan-American Airways)
Acetylene Welding
Arc Welding
Communications (Land-line Morse, Teletype, Mux)
Asbestos Pipe Covering
General Machine Shop
Marine Drafting and Layout
Marine Electrical Installation
Marine Machine Shop
Marine Steamfitting and Pipefitting
Sheet Metal Fabrication and Layout
Radio Repairman – (Signal Corps)
Shipwright and Joiner

Asbestos Pipe Covering

All ship steam pipes, hot water lines, and steam boilers are covered in a fireproof jacket of asbestos. Refrigeration systems are all insulated with cork and hair felt. This material is then covered with canvas that must be sewed or pasted, The work is not heavy, and workers in this field are in great demand at all times. Only men are employable at the present time. The industry encourages those in allied fields such as painting, plastering, brick laying, tile setting, and cement finishers, to take this training.

This is a pre-employment course, and those who complete the work begin employment at journeymen’s rate of pay.


6 Nuclear sites within walking distance of California Department of Public Health Building, UC Berkeley Richmond and EPA Region 9 Lab

If the State and the Feds cannot look out for its own people how can we rely on them to protect the public?

The Califormia Department of Public Health (CDPH) regulates all of the radiological contamination in the State of California. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Building, EPA Region 9 lab and the University of California Berkeley Richmond Campus are located right in the heart of Nuclear Alley in Richmond CA. This series will highlight 6 nuclear industry companies in the Port of Richmond that held Atomic Energy Commission Licenses for Nuclear Waste, worked directly with radioactive isotopes (radioactive elements like Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium 90, Cesium 137, Cobalt 60, Carbon 14 etc) and built machines used in the Nuclear Weapons industry.

Tracerlab/EAL building at 2030 Wright Avenue has been looted, it is a nuclear waste site and made radiological equipent for the Nuclear Industry. Google maps street view

All are within walking distance of these government facilites and they have never been cleaned up for their nuclear purposes. These government facilities need to be evacuated, because they were constructed after the contamination, which means:

  • Every surface exposed during contruction inside the walls and out will have to be swabbed to determine alpha and beta particles for identification of the isotopes as well as gamma readings for radiation.
  • All samples taken as evidence for all of Region 9 which includes, CA, OR, WA, HI, NV, the Pacific and the 148 Tribal Nations in all cases where the EPA and CDPH buildings have existed will have to be thrown out and resampled.
  • And most importantly every employee and every living being who stepped in these facilties will have to be evacuated and monitored for exposure for the rest of their lives.

Also note the Navy dumped nuclear waste directly into San Francisco Bay in 1946 and they covered it up by making sure to not notify the barge operators what they were dumping. Here is that COVER UP Document and a separate set of orders for all Navy Bases on the West Coast, the Pacific and Norfolk Naval Bases.

Safety Regulations have changed over the years and all sites cleaned up in the past, those standards are nuclear accidents today. All sites need to be re-evaluated for radiological contamination.

EPA Regulations on proximity means the UCSF and UC Berkeley Ergonomics Lab is within 200 feet of the Stauffer Chemical Plant making it part of the site.

The EPA has regulations on Proximity to toxic waste sites. I went into the law in detail in this article on the contamination range of Treasure Island to San Francisco.

To the EPA everything within 200 feet of a site is on the site. In this case of UC Berkeley everything to the east of Egret Way, which is where the UC BErkeley Bus drives down to unload students is within the 200 feet fo the Stauffer Chemical Company.

Near Neighbors are everything from 200 feet to a quarter of a mile and that makes the EPA Region 9 Laboratory within that range.

A Second Near Neighbor class is everything from a quarter of a mile to a mile away and that encompases the California Department of Public Health.

Then you have ranges for water and dust contamination that can go 4 miles, so these sites are all within a mile of the California Department of Public Health and all sites are within the wind range contamination of each other and the city of Richmond.

245 biological experiments on US citizens in cities and bases, Navy Biological Warfare Lab in SF Bay

Film of the Navy purposely contaminating 43 square miles of San Francisco with Serratia marcescens in 1950 and in color, at 2:25 “Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare” Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare (1952), Department of Defense Film Production, National Archives and Records Administration Catalogue # 428.MN.9170A, Declassified NND Authority # 64044

This article will be divide up in sections:

ABC Warfare Defense, Navy Training Course, Bureau of Naval Personnel, NAVPERS, 1960 10099 p 124
notice Alcatraz in the background and the headlands
  • Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977 hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, first session … March 8 and May 23, 1977
  • p 124
  • Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977 hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, first session … March 8 and May 23, 1977
  • p 125
  • Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977 hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, first session … March 8 and May 23, 1977
  • p 126
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    Treasure Island Hunters Point Shipyard ranked 25 worst site by the EPA

    This is the original National Priorities list ranked by worst to first in classes. Treasure Island Hunters Point Annex is ranked in the 5th class, 25 on this list of names of sites. Note equal to the Savannah River Plant that has to this day, radioactive waste in barrels on the site. It is also worse than a Hanford site.

    Fact Book: National Priorities List Under the Original Hazard Ranking System, 1981-1991, United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Emergency and Remedial Response. Washington, DC: Office of Emergency and Remedial Response, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1993. pp. 49-51
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    These are the people I am fighting for to publish the Navy reports on my Treasure Island website and on this Disaster Area website documenting the Navy’s contamination of Hunters Point shipyard by the US Navy’s Radiological Defense Laboratory based at Hunters Point and at Treasure Island, the Navy’s Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Training Center.

    And if you want a sample of the Navy’s own sources, of what they dumped and polluted at Hunters Point Shipyard, here is their Health and Safety report from 1960 documenting the exposures by building number and listing the radiological accidents just for 1960
    U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory., Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. (1961). Radiological safety at USNRDL: annual progress report health physics division ; 1 January to 31 December 1960. San Francisco, California: U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. Note: This text is searchable on that website

    13577 Radiation Film Badges were used at Hunters Point Shipyard in 1960

    In 1960 the US Naval Radiological Defense Lab developed 2655 Radiation Measuring Film Badges for Treasure Island and 12,688 for the US Naval Radiological Defense Lab at Hunters Point Shipyard along with 889 for Hunters Point Shipyard separate from the Defense Lab. These badges are dosimeters that measure how much radiation a person was exposed to during a period of time and they were collected from all over the Bay Area to be developed and analyzed at the Defense Lab for the year of 1960.

    U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory., Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. (1961). Radiological safety at USNRDL: annual progress report health physics division ; 1 January to 31 December 1960. San Francisco, California: U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. p 20

    This document is a who’s who of radiological exposure just for one year at the US Navy’s Radiological Defense Laboratory and I highly recommend it as reading material to give you a look into the radiation experiments they conducted on the shipyard (including building numbers) and all throughout the Bay Area, including downtown San Francisco!

    The presence of radiation badges means each time a human being was exposed to radiation over the course of an experiment or regular monitoring of radiation exposure on site. A very frequent and robust radiological contaminations were taking place at the Shipyard and Treasure Island in 1960.

    Camp Parks in Dublin CA was the field station for the Lab where they conducted radiological tests on the base while military personnel worked and lived on the base. These experiments included using the gymnasium to rain down radioactive isotopes to determine its effects on roof structures and that gymnasium was then “cleaned up” and was used by the Navy and then the Air Force when they took over the base and as recently as last year by private entities before it was torn down. Stanford Research did a lot of radiological work at Camp Parks and it is clear they had many nuclear accidents reported in this report from 1960.

    They did this for other locations listed below:

    Dosimeter films developed at the USNRDL 1960
    NRDLFilm ProcessedTotals
    Laboratory personnel7684
    Laboratory visitors1619
    Environmental monitoring471
    Calibration film900
    Special films for Nucleonics Div.109
    Special films for Bio-Med Div.5
    Special films for Health Physics Div.3
    RadCon Team film (controls)11
    Special test exposures163
    Camp Parks Personnel and visitors1361
    Camp Parks Environmental monitoring362
    Outside Activities
    San Francisco Naval Shipyard889
    Treasure Island Inspector of Navy Material523
    Treasure Island Radiac Maintenance School and Dispensary2122
    Port Chicago958
    NAS Moffett Field97
    USN Dispensary, 50 Fell St. , San Francisco56
    DPWO, 12ND30
    NSC, Oakland (Naval Supply Center, Oakland)200
    NAS Fallon. Nevada67
    USNH, Oakland (US Naval Hospital Oakland)21
    MSTS, San Francisco24
    NAD, Hawthorne, Nevada17
    U. S. Coast Guard5

    1946 Project Crossroads Nuclear Test Film

    Here is a summary of the time stamps of this video:

    Project Crossroads – Nuclear Test Film (1946)
    Courtesy: U.S. Department of Energy

    1:50 USS independence next to the Nagato before Test Able
    2:20 target ships mapped
    4:14 The scientists and samples
    6:00 Radio controlled drones
    7:00 Manhattan project scientists at Kwajalein
    9:40 dropping of the bomb
    14:31 diffused cloud “dangerous radioactive particles in the air had become so diffused it was no longer a danger to the area.”
    15:52 camera on bikini showing shock wave.
    17:20 map of what ships got hit as they dropped the bomb off target. Independence noted
    18:55 Independence seen just after explosion when the support ships entered the lagoon.
    21:54 animals
    24:31 Skate stating the inside were damaged, so they went inside it.
    25:21 USS Independence
    27:34 Baker Test, second test underwater explosion.
    40:00 USS Independence
    Project Crossroads – Nuclear Test Film (1946)
    Courtesy: U.S. Department of Energy

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    Treasure Island California Site

    I am posting more Treasure Island sources on this site as the amount of content would fill up my Disaster Area site. So for the time being, search this site and the Treasure Island California Site for content on Treasure Island. It is quite extensive.

    Treasure Island – Naval Training Bulletin. 1956-57 June p 12 Damage Controlman, Class A Courses

    Schools Command, US Naval Station, Treasure Island Calif., Naval Training Bulletin. 1956-57 June p 12 HathiTrust page

    1. Fire Fighting (3 weeks fire-fighting; 1 week portable pumps) 4 weeks
    2. Atomic and Chemical Defense Monitoring – 3 weeks
    3. Basic Woodworking Tools and General Carpentry 4 weeks
    4. Welding, Mathematics, and Blueprints 4 weeks
    5. Practical Damage Control 4 weeks
    6. Painting and Plastic Pipe Repair 2 weeks, 2 days

    Treasure Island – Biological and Chemical Training on USS Pandemonium Dec 1956 Naval Training Bulletin

    USS Pandemonium being built for Biological, Chemical training. Naval Training Bulletin December 1956 pp 9-11. HathiTrust Link
    Note the students training:
    Page 10: July 1955 – – Students practice Biological and chemical warfare countermeasures on deckhouse.
    PAGE 10: Lower right Construction work is suspended temporarily for class drills.
    pAGE 11: September 1956 – – A class hoses down the main deck aft. The 40 mm and K guns have just been acquired.

    Naval Training Bulletin December 1956, pg. 9