LittleSis Map database showing the interconnections of politicians in SF with land developers

LittleSis Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island Development
LittleSIS is a mapping tool and database that connects politicians and their relatives to their donors and relatives. Handy tool for navigating politics and land development.

“Lennar acquires decommissioned military bases in California.

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew Laurence Pelosi was the manager of acquisitions for Lennar when they were granted the agreements to build on California’s decommissioned  military bases.”


“Singing in the rain: Hunters Point Shipyard enriches SF’s most powerful families”

Article link: chronology of legal, ethical and regulatory oversight violations involving the transfer and development of Parcel A of the Hunters Point Shipyard with investigatory follow up 2002-2009

by Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, M.D. San Francisco Bay View; National Black Newspaper
Dr. Sumchai describes the nepotism, the corruption in the Hunters Point Shipyard disaster.
Nepotism is defined by Webster’s dictionary as political favoritism based on family relationships. In an email to the San Francisco Bay View, Laurence Pelosi verified that he was a Lennar senior executive in March of 2004 at the time San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, his cousin for whom he had served as mayoral campaign treasurer, had signed the Hunters Point Shipyard Conveyance Agreement at the behest of Laurence’s Aunt Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Racialized evictions are part of Treasure Island redevelopment

by Anti-Eviction Mapping Project San Francisco Bay View; National Black Newspaper
Dr. Smadar Lavie states that mostly white people pay market rate rents on the northwestern side of the island facing San Francisco bordered in yellow on the map. They will receive comparable-size housing units in the new development. Most tenants of color live on the northeastern side facing Oakland and Berkeley and experience discriminatory treatment designed to exclude them from the new development.
“Most tenants of color live on the northeastern side, and Lavie says that they are facing systematic discriminatory treatment designed to exclude them from the new development. The northeastern side is deemed by the state’s Department of Public Health Division of Radiation Safety and Environmental Management to be so polluted and radioactive that in the development plan it is destined to be reserved as open space.”

“The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project reveals that major investors in the Treasure Island development project are connected to politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Willie Brown, Kamala Harris, and the late Ed Lee:”