UC Berkeley Nuclear Waste and the Oakland Docks Nuclear Waste

If you are building on the University of California Berkeley campus and you find large concrete blocks, don’t break into them, they hold NUCLEAR WASTE! City of Oakland wants to develop the docks that regularly held 500 to 1000 barrels of nuclear waste for disposal at sea. This is the last place you would want to bring your kids!!

Note Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Lab at the University of California are two separate entities, this report starts with Livermore’s nuclear waste for the first two pages and then the UC Berkeley Nuclear waste is posted.

A separate campus, UC Berkeley Richmond Campus is built next to a former Uranium Processing plant that the state claims they cleaned it up for chemical contamination but nowhere do they mention the uranium processing plant which was cutting uranium metal for the Department of Defense.

Also UC Berkeley has a history of injecting people with Plutonium to see what happens to them. One wonders if all people who visit the campus are unwittingly being used for experimentation, without consent which is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. It would not the first time UC Berkeley did this, University of Califonia Professor James Hamilton injected people with Plutonium just to see what would happen to them .

United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. Special Subcommittee on Radiation. Industrial Radioactive Waste Disposal.: Hearings Before the United States Joint Committee On Atomic Energy, Special Subcommittee On Radiation, Eighty-Sixth Congress, First Session. Washington: U.S. G.P.O., 1959.

Lawrence Livermore Site

UC Berkeley Radiation Laboratory

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Nuclear Fuel Rods Transported to and from the Port of Richmond CA

GE Nuclear in Vallecitos Nuclear Center in Pleasanton, transported Nuclear Reactor Fuel Rods to Richmond to be sent to France to be processed in their Breeder Reactors and then sent back to GE through the Port of Richmond. To move nuclear materials you have to lay out the route and if you ever have seen the movie Superman these trucks are oversized. This also happened in the Port of Oakland. the shipping agreements are below.

They expected more shipments under this regulatory supervision.

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EAST BAY Toxic Waste Sites

Composite image of GeoTracker map showing toxic waste sites. Geotracker uses Google images. Click on the image to go to Flickr

east bay with key

Howard Center Oakland A’s stadium site was GE’s port of entry for Nuclear Reactor Fuel Rods

Nuclear Regulatory Commission has several surviving documents on General Electric moving Nuclear Reactor Fuel Rods to and from the Oakland Howard Terminal from its Vallecitos Nuclear Center near Pleasanton California where they were regularly shipping nuclear reactor fuel rods to Europe and back to be irradiated and tested. This is just one of the reports from May 18 1984:

Requests route approval per 10CFR73,for shipment of spent irradiated reactor fuel from Oakland to Pleasanton, CA.

Alameda County approves Howard Terminal as site for Oakland A’s new stadium November 7 2021 https://www.5thnews.com/2021/11/alameda-county-approves-howard-terminal_418.html
They are awaiting an Environmental Impact Statement, I wonder if they know the history of the Port of Oakland and nuclear waste?

The Naval Biological Warfare Laboratory at Oakland Supply Center and the University of California Berkeley

The Naval Biological Warfare Laboratory in Oakland run by the University of California Berkeley, conducted experiments in infectious disease, fungii, Chemical, Biological and Radiological research for the purpose of protecting Naval Personnel in combat and to develop vaccines and therapeutic methods to treat diseases. Also notice the diseases that affect livestock are an example of a biological weapon. It is this lab that lead the way to the Polio Vaccine and other major works in saving lives. The site is now being developed for real estate.

The following diseases are featured in this publication – PUBLICATIONS of the Naval Biological Laboratory, School of Public Health University of California and Naval Medical Research Unit #1 Berkeley, California 1942-1965. Notice the articles on dispersing disease over large areas.

Note many of these diseases were used in Biological warfare tests on the unsuspecting public all over the United States. See main article “245 biological experiments on US citizens in cities and bases, Navy Biological Warfare Lab in SF Bay.”

Acute toxicity of alcohol

Anthrax – Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus cereus – Inactivated Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus cereus Biovar anthracis – https://www.cdc.gov/anthrax/basics/index.html


Botulism – Botulinal toxin and hemagglutinin

Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus – The infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus belongs to the group of herpes viruses. It causes in cattle a severe disease predominantly in the upper respiratory tract. Morbidity rate is 100 percent

Brucella melitensis – Exposure to most species of Brucella, such as those associated with certain types of animals, could potentially lead to infection.

Catarrhal fever

Coccidioides immitis – fungus – coccidioidomycosis. Valley Fever

Colorado tick fever virus

Encephalomyocarditis viruses

Hog Cholera Virus – Classical Swine Fever


Influenza B

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Malleomyces pseudomallei – Bacterium Melioidosis is also called Whitmore disease, Vietnamese time bomb, Nightcliff gardener’s disease, morphia injector’s septicaemia, and paddy-field disease. https://dermnetnz.org/topics/melioidosis

Murine hepatitis

Pasteurella pestis – Plague Black Death

Pneumonic plague in mice


Serratia marcescens


Staphylococci – Staph

Tubercle bacilli – Tuberculosis

Vesicular exanthema of swine – eradicated in 1956

Vesicular-stomatitis Virus – horses cattle and swine

Manpower Education, Research, and Training Division, FINAL REPORT MAY 1988, P.R.COTTEN, at Nuclear Regulatory Commission Website
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