These are the people I am fighting for to publish the Navy reports on my Treasure Island website and on this Disaster Area website documenting the Navy’s contamination of Hunters Point shipyard by the US Navy’s Radiological Defense Laboratory based at Hunters Point and at Treasure Island, the Navy’s Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Training Center.

And if you want a sample of the Navy’s own sources, of what they dumped and polluted at Hunters Point Shipyard, here is their Health and Safety report from 1960 documenting the exposures by building number and listing the radiological accidents just for 1960
U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory., Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. (1961). Radiological safety at USNRDL: annual progress report health physics division ; 1 January to 31 December 1960. San Francisco, California: U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. Note: This text is searchable on that website


Radioactive object found near homes at Hunters Point shipyard

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Jason Fagone and Cynthia Dizikes Sep. 13, 2018 Updated: Sep. 14, 2018 9:39 a.m. San Francisco Chronicle

Approximate location of the deck marker located just outside the submarine barracks where the workers who cleaned the radiation on ships sent to Hunters Point Shipyard after the nuclear tests in the pacific were cleaned. Ironically the builder ( Lennar) of the New Construction had their onsite headquarters in one of these barracks where the nuclear radiation contaminated workers ate their lunch. I wonder if their workers knew they were headquartered on one of the most nuclear contaminated buildings on the site? Generally they were designed to be a buffer zone between the contaminated portions of the base where workers would shower and change clothes after they spent the day sandblasting the radiation off of the ships. Eventually the Navy gave up on the ships that were the target of the nuclear blasts and sank them off the coast of most of the ports on the west coast of the US.

The USS Indianapolis that was cleaned at Hunters Point and then sunk at what is now the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The Navy stuffed the ship with thousands of barrels of nuclear waste when they sent it to the bottom of the Bay and they also dumped the barrels off the Farallon Islands where unfortunately they are only a few hundred feet in depth well within the range of fishing vessels for the Bay Area.

The Article:
“A highly radioactive object has been discovered at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard next to a housing area that has been declared safe and free of radioactive contamination for more than a decade, The Chronicle has learned. The finding is the latest problem at San Francisco’s most ambitious redevelopment project in a century — an effort to transform a 500-acre Superfund waste site into a bustling waterfront neighborhood of 12,000 homes.”

“The housing area is known as Parcel A. The California Department of Public Health is scanning it for radioactivity after revelations that employees of the Navy’s main cleanup contractor, Tetra Tech, faked radiation measurements in other parts of the shipyard. Parcel A residents and city officials demanded a test after whistle-blowers and media reports raised the possibility that some of those problems may have extended to Parcel A, where 300 housing units have been completed and an additional 150 are under construction.But the discovery of a radium device is startling because the city and multiple government agencies have said for years that any contamination on Parcel A was cleaned up long ago. The Navy transferred the 75-acre parcel to the city in 2004. The land is now owned by home builder and developer Lennar Corp. Public officials have repeatedly assured residents that no harmful radioactivity exists near their homes and they have nothing to worry about.”

The Navy Nuked Itself in Operation Crossroads Baker Test

Operation Crossroads (1946) was two atomic bomb tests where the second one was exploded under water creating a radioactive steam cloud that spread over all of the ships, including the support ships thus irradiating about 80% of the US Pacific Fleet at the time. The Navy had set up a set of Target Ships including the Saratoga and Independence Aircraft Carriers to see what effect a nuclear explosion would have on the ships. The explosion irradiated the water in the lagoon the equivalent of 5000 tons of radium.

Unfortunately they miscalculated and thus irradiated all of the ships present which had to be cleaned immediately to be put back in action. Thus the ships had to go to US Ports and be cleaned by sandblasting and the Navy decided to dump the contaminated sandblast sands directly into the harbors of the Navy Bases. 145 out of 207 ships were sent to be decontaminated, the others were scuttled. Airplanes were sent to their respective bases to be washed down.

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The Navy entered the Lagoon with the support ships but had to retreat when the radiation levels exceeded the fatal level and the ships ran out, some went out to sea to escape. One hour after the blast the Battleship “New York” had a reading of 1200 r/hr which is 3 times the fatal dose. Here is a video of the scene, showing the support ships wash down the decks of the target ships like it was a carwash, the sailors completely unaware of the danger of a nuclear blast.

145 out of 207 ships were sent to be decontaminated, the others were scuttled. There were also airplanes that were affected and they had to return to their bases to be decontaminated. The ships were sent to the following ports to be cleaned:

  • Bremerton and Puget Sound
  • Guam/Marianas
  • Hunters Point Shipyard – San Francisco
  • Kwajalein
  • Mare Island
  • New Orleans
  • Norfolk
  • Los Angeles
  • Pearl Harbor
  • San Diego
  • San Pedro
  • Terminal Island
  • The Caroline Islands
  • The Philippines
  • Treasure Island – San Francisco

The ships had to be sandblasted to remove the paint in order to clean the ships. Because the non target ships used their pumps and hoses to clean the other ships or operated inside the lagoon, their water lines, pumps and evaporators (used to produce clean water) were contaminated and in most cases they could clean them with acid which was also dumped directly into these harbors. At the time the Navy was only concerned with the effects of the acids dumped into the harbors and they really didn’t care about dumping radiation into the water where civilians fish. One thing they found out fast was that copper piping tends to hold the radiation directly in the copper and so those systems had to be scrapped and all the copper piping had to be replaced.

In 1989 the EPA put out a report on the cleanup of Mare Island, Alameda Air station and Hunters Point and they state that they used samples that dug in 4 inches deep to determine radiation. They cleared all of these bases for nuclear radiation. Problem is that in order to fool a geiger counter all you need is a few feet of dirt. You can cover it up all you want, the radiation is still there. Also to test for Alpha and Beta Particles you have drill down and bring up a core of the materials which are them chemically separated to isolate the radioactive elements and then determine the radioactivity based on the contents, not a geiger counter.

Here is the official video of the project:
No description at the National Archives. Castle Films produced this film for the U.S. military — “Operation Crossroads” US Army film # MISC-1323 and US Navy film # MN 5345. Description from Armed Forces Films for Public and Television Use: “A documentary of the Able and Baker blasts of the Atomic Bomb Test at Bikini, produced by Joint Army-Navy Task Force One.”
National Archives Identifier: 88210 source file isn’t in the greatest shape.

Video detailing the Nuclear safety at the blast. Notice the officers checking the status of their geiger counters using a radiation source. Similar sources were found buried at San Francisco’s Treasure Island thus causing the site to become an EPA Superfund Nuclear Radiation Site.

Video link and information from Internet Archive. Uploaded by Periscope Films:


Navy calls Treasure Island safe, but radiological and chemical toxins announced on Prop 65 signs

Carol Harvey’s reported YouTube Video Link Jul 2, 2019
According to the landlords, the notice that the land the buildings are built upon is an ongoing cleanup effort. But the tenants do not have that information in their leases. It is all BS. The landlords claim they have provided the information but it is not there. They never got around to telling the tenants that they are living on a nuclear site.

Radiation expert, Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, exposes the inbred politics of the corrupt cleanup.

Radiation expert, Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, exposes the inbred politics of the corrupt cleanup.

Gavin Newsom the current Governor of California’s cousin Lawrence Pelosi was Lennar’s Vice President of Naval Base Acquisitions and Darius Anderson who was with the Treasure Island Community Development had a fundraiser where he retired 400,000 dollars of Gavin Newsom’s campaign debt according to Dr Sumchai. Lawrence Pelosi is related to Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom. TDr. Sumchai states that Tetra Tech sent truckloads of waste to Keller Landfill near Pittsburg California in Contra Costa County making the problem a statewide issue and she raised this with then Governor Jerry Brown.

Media silent as Navy digs 1,280 radiological objects from Treasure Island

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by Carol Harvey San Francisco Bay View; National Black Newspaper October 12, 2018

In 2014, Don Wadsworth, radiation specialist, a Navy subcontractor and now whistleblower, told NBC Bay Area We Investigate reporter Vicki Nguyen that an object the Navy photographed at 1101 Bigelow Court was a million times above the EPA limits for human toleration. However, in its 2014 Historical Radiological Assessment Supplemental Technical Memorandum (HRASTM), Figure 10, the Navy documents only this photograph of one radioactive object at 1101 Bigelow Court. Despite the Navy’s disclaimer, imagine this radioactive object multiplied 1,280 times. That is the total number of radiological objects Treasure Island Environmental Project Manager cited in March 2018 that the Navy located between 2006 and 2018. At the Hunters Point Shipyard, a single “deck marker” like this one is slowing down or halting a $8 billion development.

“At the March 2018 Treasure Island Restoration Advisory Board meeting, remediation project manager Dave Clark “recollected” that, between 2006 and 2016, the Navy unearthed 1,280 radiological objects, one for every two residents.”

Article contains many videos relating to the disaster, the last video in particular shows the radioactive lake created in the cleanup and the signs by the Navy warning of the radioactive site.

Kamala Harris Obstruction of Justice and Corruption Charges By SF Treasure Island Former Residents

California Senator Kamala Harris who is running for President of the United States was accused on 3/14/19 with obstruction of justice and involved in a corruption cover-up at the contaminated radioactive SF Treasure Island site by two former residents Felita Sample and Andre Patterson. 3/14/19

San Francisco built public housing on two EPA Superfund Sites that contain Nuclear Radiation from the cleaning of US Ships damaged by Atomic and Hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific.

“California Senator Kamala Harris who is running for President of the United States was accused on 3/14/19 with obstruction of justice and involved in a corruption cover-up at the contaminated radioactive SF Treasure Island site by two former residents Felita Sample and Andre Patterson. They were attending a press conference by nuclear health and safety whistleblowers who worked for Tetra Tech which was involved in the falsification of testing results in the $1 billion dollar Eco-fraud scandal. This is the largest Eco Fraud in the United States but has not been covered by the major corporate media. Sample and Patterson are both cancer survivors who say that their cancers were directly caused by the highly contaminated Naval nuclear training site at the island. Kamala Harris who was formerly San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General before becoming a Senator, was personally aware of the charges of falsification of testing at SF Treasure Island and also the Hunters Point shipyard. While in her position in San Francisco and as California Attorney General she refused to conduct any investigation about the illegal firing of 6 Tetra Tech whistleblowers as well as other whistleblowers at the shipyard. Two managers of Tetra Tech are presently in prison for engaging in falsification of testing of radioactive material by Tetra Tech. Senator Kamala Harris has remained completely silent about this massive $1 billion criminal fraud scandal despite being personally contacted by residents and whistleblowers. She has also been silent about continued Federal contracts to Tetra Tech and it’s subsidiaries despite the massive criminal conspiracy to defraud the US government and public about the radioactive clean-up at Hunters Point Naval shipyard and Treasure Island.

SF Hunters Point Tetra Tech Whistleblowers Speak Out About Criminal Cover-up; Bullying

Hunters Point Tetra Tech safety inspectors spoke out on June 27, 2017 about the criminal conspiracy by the company to cover-up serious radiative soil and contamination of the community

“Hunters Point Tetra Tech safety inspectors spoke out on June 27, 2017 about the criminal conspiracy by the company to cover-up serious radiative soil and contamination of the community. They were bullied and terminated when they tried to stop the cover-up of health and safety dangers at not only Hunters Point but Treasure Island. Their lawyer David Anton has filed a lawsuit demanding that Tetra Tech’s permit with the NRC be revoked for defrauding the government with fake toxic reports.

Lawyer David Anton and Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai also called for a criminal investigation by the San Francisco District Attorney Gacon and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra of Tetra Tech for criminal activities to cover-up the dangers of radioactive contaminants and toxic releases. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has covered up the criminal activity by Lennar Urban and Tetra Tech and members of her family work for Lennar Urban that are pushing these developments on radioactive dump sites.”

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