Daly City – City Park on toxic waste site BAYSHORE PARK (41990001)

Site History


Envirostor (State of California) page

2019 Annual Inspection Report Bayshore Park Site page 5

Editor’s Note: Daycare center is located above the yellow section above designated in blue. Google maps has the location matched, the long street is Schwerin

Google Map

“This site is a public park which was owned by the City of Daly City. The site will be purchased by the County of San Mateo for redevelopment as part of the Midway Village Revitalization project. The County and their non-profit real estate developer, MidPen Housing Corporation, are in the planning phase of the redevelopment process. Please see the Midway Village 41650007 Envirostor profile for additional activities related to the redevelopment. The Bayshore Park site history is described below. Continue reading “Daly City – City Park on toxic waste site BAYSHORE PARK (41990001)”