Beatty Nevada nuclear waste sites

This post is for a friend of mine who inquired about the site.

Beatty Nevada is a nuclear waste disposal site for all types of nuclear waste.

Responds to 741120 request for Directorate of Regulatory Licensing to inspect AEC licensed waste burial sites on priority basis. Results of insps summarized.Measurements encl.

“Annual Operating Rept 1974.” Rancho SEco Nuclear Gegnerating Station Unit 1 Clay Station Calfironia – trucking reports on pages 67 and 73

Its a nuclear waste site. i could find more but this pretty much covers it. There are some contamination in the city itself from low level radiation disposal but the high level stuff would be in a more secure location on the mountain. Byproduct material is material made in a nuclear reactor, isotopes of radiation. Radium comes under low level, which is rediculous but thats how the law was written.

List of Underground Storage Tanks in DC including the Washington Post which depends on Congress to protect it from the EPA

It is a PDF file.

The Washington Post Building is a toxic nightmare, mostly petroleum from leaking Underground tanks, they sold the site to Fannie Mae. Most of Washington appears to be a sea of oil and gasoline contamination. Amazing with all of the smoking it did not go up in flames.

Most printing plants are toxic waste sites. It would be interesting to see which papers are affected. Certainly all the major newspapers that have been in business since the 20th century would be affected. Ny Times? Boston Globe?

The San Francisco Chronicle is compromised as is all Hearst Publications due to the chemical contamination of their former printing plant in San Francisco.

They certainly need to come clean on this.

1957 Atomic Energy Safe Radiation Levels are now nuclear accidents today

Chapter I – Atomic Energy Commission
Federal Register Tuesday, January 29, 1957 pp 549-554

Editor’s Note: The Atomic Energy Commission produced a set of safe levels of radiation exposure for nuclear workers that today are nuclear accidents, for instance the exposure for hands and forearms feet and neck is 1500 mrems per week in 1957. Today the exposure of citizens for a year is 100 mrems, 10 for children! The USNRDL’s standard established in 1946 by Dr. Joseph Hamilton of the University of California Berkeley which was in use until 1969 was 100 mrems per hour.

These levels are very important for when an agency claims it has cleaned up an area, you have to ask what were the standards used to clean up that area and when was it cleaned?

So for example in this document it discusses the safe levels of radiation drained into sewers. For instance we know that the GE Nuclear Energy disposed of nuclear waste by pouring it down the drain into the sewer system of San Jose using the 1957 standards.

The 1957 Standards for Protection Against Radiation:

Chapter I – Atomic Energy Commission

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Treasure Island California Site

I am posting more Treasure Island sources on this site as the amount of content would fill up my Disaster Area site. So for the time being, search this site and the Treasure Island California Site for content on Treasure Island. It is quite extensive.

Pittsburg California Radiation Experiments covering half of the City

Spreading 10,000 rads of radiation onto the ground, roofs and lawns and how they cleaned it up. Note that the exposure to the personnel is only for the theoretical amount that future people would be exposed to while in this case, they were using lawn spreaders to put down 1000 and 10,000 rads of radiation. They also thought that these people were standing on clean ground, extending the brushes onto the contaminated ground. What happened to the people depicted in these photographs?

This article supplements my article with photographs and report text. “Pittsburg California Radiation Experiments, spreading radioactive sand onto barracks, lawns and streets of the former Camp Stoneman Base to train Sailors how to clean up after an atomic strike.”


Sartor, J D, Curtis, H B, Lee, H, and Owen, W L. COST AND EFFECTIVENESS OF DECONTAMINATION PROCEDURES FOR LAND TARGETS. United States/USNRDL-TR-196; NY 320-001-9; AD-153932 27 December 1957 Continue reading “Pittsburg California Radiation Experiments covering half of the City”