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This page maps the locations where developers built houses, apartments and communities on Toxic Waste sites and Nuclear contamination waste sites particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Francisco, San Bruno, Pittsburgh, Dublin,and at Mare Island as well as other locations around the world. Why the Bay Region? For some strange reason these developers all have great political connections and they have no qualms about building on toxic waste sites.

The sites is broken down into these pages:

Toxic Waste Sites

There are 224 state listed toxic waste sites in the Bay area, but I will document the ones where builders built housing and schools on these sites.

The Navy Nuked San Francisco

Details the nuclear experiments and their locations where the Navy purposely spread radioactive materials onto streets, yards and buildings on former military bases in order to figure out how to clean a city after a nuclear bomb blast. I read through the declassified reports of the experiments and I will map the locations and when they took place. The current EPA cleanups are reacting to what they find on the ground, they are not looking at the original locations where the experiments took place. It is all documented and was declassified decades ago, so there is no excuse for real estate developers to be putting people on these sites!

Other Nuclear Disasters and accidents

Also I will document other nuclear disasters and their locations:

  • Nuclear reactor meltdowns and reactor explosions at Simi Valley, Antarctica, Idaho National Laboratory and in tests at the Nevada Test Site.
  • Nuclear missiles that either burned on the launch pad or the rockets blew up over launch sites raining down plutonium onto the launch site
  • Locations where atomic and hydrogen bombs either fell out of airplanes or crash locations of nuclear bombers spilling plutonium or Uranium all over the place – for instance the Yuba City crash is not listed on the EPA superfund site even though it was contaminated with plutonium. Note in each case the pilots died to prevent catastrophic results!
  • Injecting people with plutonium just to see what happens to them, particularly in San Francisco.
  • Setting the safe level of radiation exposure to 0.1 R (Roentgens) per hour which today is considered a nuclear accident.
  • Purposely exposing the public to radiation including irradiating schools just to see what happens to them.

Peaceful uses of Nuclear Weapons

The Atomic Energy Commission encouraged the peaceful use of nuclear weapons. The only problem was the radiation so they were trying to figure out how to do it without killing people for thousands of years. They proposed:

  • A new Suez Canal – (this was during the Suez Crisis) by exploding a series of hydrogen bombs underground to create a channel across Israel to Aqaba which was stopped when they realized that most of Israel is below sea level.
  • A new Panama canal, same method as above but fortunately Panama extended their national borders by 200 miles to prevent it.
  • Excavating a new freight train root from Barstow to Los Angeles by detonating 25 hydrogen bombs underground to break up a mountain which was stopped by Mexico. This was to reduce the route of the train by 1 hour of travel time.
  • Building new harbors on the Pacific Coast by nuking the coast line but they couldn’t figure out how to do it with out massive radiation.
  • Using aggregate from nuclear blasts at the Nevada test site for concrete in Mississippi to build roads, this is when they discovered it was 400 times more radioactive than they thought in the most horrific way to discover their error!
  • Mining
  • Drilling for oil and gas

What a mess!

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