EAST BAY Toxic Waste Sites

Composite image of GeoTracker map showing toxic waste sites. Geotracker uses Google images. Click on the image to go to Flickr

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Fremont – PERALTA CROSSING (60002284)

Site History

The Property consists of a 2.3 acre lot that is being redeveloped as multi-family residences. Soil gas at the Site has been impacted by former dry cleaning operations (Henry Miller Cleaners, Marshall Steel Cleaners, and Payless Cleaners) that used volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including the dry cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene (PCE or perc) in its cleaning processes. The dry cleaning businesses occupied the southern portion of the onsite building and operated between approximately 1965 and 1990. Continue reading “Fremont – PERALTA CROSSING (60002284)”